What if I told you that thousands of bikes were being sent to the scrapyard every day? What if I told you they were indiscriminately being chucked in the dump heap— whether they were classy cruisers, professional racebikes, or rugged mountaineers who had yet to see their best days?


The hard truth is that you would probably say what members of the Bespoke team were used to hearing: “That sucks, but we can’t do much about it.”


As it turns out, there is a lot of waste in the world. Bespoke was formed on the realization that it wasn’t enough to tell people this was happening: we had to do something about it.


Why couldn’t we connect valuable bikes with deserving new owners? Why couldn’t we add beauty to the world, and reduce disorder, both on our streets and in the bike industry?

We’ve partnered with a valuable nonprofit to take these two-wheeled orphans and show them what it is like to live a brand new life. We’re no Miss Hannigan, though— we’re like Will Stacks taking Annie out of her “hard-knock life” (we’re assuming that’s happened, we haven’t seen the movie) and into a beautiful world of caring owners.


Yes, exactly! Someone just like you.