The Process


They say no two snowflakes are identical. Neither are any two humans. And if you really think about it, no two atoms are identical in their precise orientation.

Are we going too deep? The point is that Bespoke never creates two bicycles exactly the same way. However, there is a general set of steps we like to follow most of the time. (Except when we don’t).

First, we discover a bike with potential. We won’t get technical about it like some of our team can. Really, it’s a lot like falling in love. We see a bike we’re instantly attracted to, looking (as one should) for things beyond the superficial. And after we’ve gotten to know each other, we make our union official.

This is where the relationship metaphor stops. Because now we take the parts of the bike we don’t love, and we change them. We. Trick. Them. Out.

We’ll do our best to reclaim other parts in better shape and swap them out. Sometimes we’ll even add some brand-new swag, because we’re generous like that. Basically, we make a final product that the original bike imagined it would grow up to be when it looked in the mirror.

Then it’s on to the design. Which is where your word means everything. Want a hot pink race bike with sweet blue flames? You got it. Want to rep the colors of your sports team, frat, or favorite band? That’s what we’re here for. Want to show your support for Trump? We can’t guarantee the safety of you or your bike outside of our production garage, but we will give it a huuge toupee.

Then there’s a first showing. Don’t be nervous. It’s like asking a girl or guy to prom when you know they already like you. And if you don’t like them? We’ll fix it. You have to be madly in love with your bike, or our job isn’t finished.


Does this sound like a dream come true? Then make sure to click our big green ‘order your custom bicycle’ button. Click that button even if you just want to bounce ideas around. That’s the thing about your perfect dream, whether it’s a person or a bicycle— it’s yours to fantasize about.